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Placing Youth on the Path to Success

Interim Support for Mainstream Schools

REACH Learning Provision specialises in education and support for young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH).


REACH Learning Provision is here to provide support alongside their mainstream school to help nurture student educational and SEMH development.


We have several educational programs that will provide support to our learners and help get them back on track and also support those waiting for a school place.

The ultimate goal at REACH Learning Provision is to reintegrate youth back into mainstream schooling with a new outlook and a drive to achieve success for their future. 




What we provide





Functional Skills

NCFE Entry Level 1 – L3 and L1/L2 Certificate in Essential English in Everyday Life

NCFE Entry Level 1 – L3 and L1/L2 Certificate in Essential Maths in Everyday Life


NCFE CACHE L1 Award in Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Level 1 Barbering

REACH Learning Provision recognises that all students are of equal worth and that they are entitled to a curriculum that is characterised by breadth, balance, coherence, relevance, differentiation, and progression. 


By promoting equality of opportunity, REACH aims to develop the full potential for learning out of all its pupils; to promote their cultural, mental, and moral growth to prepare them for the opportunity for reintegration into mainstream schooling.



As a Key Stage 3/4 Provision for students with educational challenges, we aim to support young people at different stages of their learning journey whilst making sure that our curriculum is focused on the most appropriate needs and is flexible enough to respond to individual needs. 


We also seek to help those who have been out of school for periods of time or are currently without a school place.

We will also help to support a schools existing IEP for a student.

Each student will be given a customised timetable to suit their individual needs and abilities if deemed appropriate.

They will also have the opportunity to engage with a mentor as and when they need.



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As part of our Student Enrichment Program, students at REACH have been taking part in Barbering sessions with Joe The Barber which will provide them with a Level 1 Barbering Qualification

We have been so delighted with the provision that REACH has created for our students placed there this academic year. They have gone above and beyond to ensure their needs are met and trusting relationships have been established quickly.

In my role as DSL, I could not ask for more from a provision, with a high level of organisation, communication, and care shown to our students that is, without doubt, the best we as a school have experienced with an AP.

I would like to thank the REACH team for all their hard work especially with our longer-term student and in the words of one of the family members "You have changed his life". 

Ella Aitchison
Designated Safeguarding Lead for Trinity School


Address: Zulu Road, Nottingham, New Basford, NG7 7DS

Main Office Contact Number: 0115 9161454

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

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